#googledown (2020)

14th of december 2020, Google services shutdown for a few hours...

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I went to Google to ask how to solve an error... But Google was itself down from an error

User stories

@covid19indiaorg Google services briefly disrupted today. Student with limited access to internet/electricity/device, trying to attend online classes: "My daily story".

@RugbyBarrister Listening to stories of Google customers (who have gone full Google mode at home with the home app) unable to turn on/off their lights today.

@drisso1893 TFW you spend 10 months organizing a conference and the only thing that you did not consider is Google being down preventing your attendees to sign onto the platform! #googledown #disasteraverted #EuroBioc2020


@cykwek77 @googlecloud Your links do not work. Is there any number that I can call or any live chat that I can reach for assistance?

@JohnnyICS @googlecloud After the DOWN of 14.12.2020 I can no longer log into my Gmail. I get response ad if it no longer existed, as if it had been deleted. Will the error really be "temporary"? H E L P !!

@Mubashirshafi @googlecloud Getting notifications for password breach. Do I need to worry about it?


@shashishankar Today, after years of wanderlust, my searched for life's meaning was about to end and at the same moment #Google came down.

@Surbhi_Vedi Maybe #google is trying to teach us a lesson- it provides us access to infinite information for free, yet some of us make ill-informed decisions all the time.

@Cleobatta Here's a theory: Google was down on purpose as a social experiment to motivate the visibility of its value and impact. They're measuring our future willingness to pay for their services.


@KrishnamHQ Google just tested it's effect on humanity. The might have switched off the services for sometime and might be laughing at the back enjoying the chaos. We should understand and realise how these tech giants can do to humanity. #techfiction #googledown

@pzwsk Google is an infrastructure (web) relying on another infra (internet) relying on another infra (electricity) and all those infra are there because we have the power to move things (oil). You are excited about #googledown? You are going to enjoy #peakoil ...

@CoinDesk This morning was a jarring reminder of the hidden costs of the easy-to-use, centralized systems that permeate the web. #googledown

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